The organizers of The Denver Bee would like to thank you for making our first event an overwhelming success. We had a wonderful time and are thrilled to hear that everyone else did.

We planned the Bee with three primary goals in mind. Knowing that our first event was bound to hit a few snags, it was important to ensure that we remained focused on these things:

  1. Raise money to support Burning Through Pages (donate!)
  2. Create a supportive, encouraging environment for contestants
  3. Make it FUN for the audience

Goal 1 was a piece of cake, thanks to the our sponsors’ tremendous support and your tremendous generosity.

Goal 2 was also achieved, with one contestant going so far as to say “Tonight ranks up there as one of the best nights of my life! Thanks @thedenverbee for the fun!”

Goal 3 was possibly the most baffling (who has ever had a good time WATCHING a spelling bee?) The response has been awesome, though. People really had a good time!

So we set up three targets, and we hit the bullseye on each. We couldn’t be happier! Planning has already begun for the next event, so stay tuned for updates.


Terry Cabeen
Kia Ruiz
LeVar Battle

2 years ago
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