Do you remember way back when we’d get on stage and there was total silence except for the announcer?

Announcer: Hemorrhoid.

You: Hemorrhoid. May I please have the definition?

Announcer: Hemorrhoid — A swollen vein or group of veins in the region of the anus.

You: Hemorrhoid. [Awkward pause holding back a snicker, yet deep in contemplation.] Hemorrhoid. H. E. M…O. R…R…H. O. I. D. Hemorrhoid.

Then, of course, clapping would follow and sometimes a few encouraging cheers. You knew you had it right. No doubt. (Before going any further, I’d like to interject and say the word probably wasn’t hemorrhoid. And, OMG, can you imagine asking the announcer to put that in a sentence? *shudders*)

Anyhozzle, get ready to bring that back to the stage “Adult Style” with an audience of your peers cheering, clapping, drinking, and sometimes jeering as you sweat it out to be the first Denver Bee champion. You want it. You can feel it. You can just hear the Rocky theme song playing as youuu…probably drink a beer and watch tv in preparation. Right!

I’ll tell you what, after reading “Spelling: No longer a lost art" a few days ago, all I could think was you’re damn right it’s not. Denver and the surrounding burbs are about to light this on fire. Joking aside, how cool is it that that spelling textbooks are making a comeback?

Why a spelling bee, you ask? Let me tell you. A group of us decided to get together and make this a fun social event for all of our friends and their friends and hopefully their friends’ friends to kick back, relax, and get to know each other better. But it is also more than that—we’ve decided to pair up with a local literacy organization and donate all of the proceeds raised to that non-profit. More on that in a different post. Hold your horses. It’s coming. (That’s what she said.)

Well, we’re excited to have this happen and hope that you’re excited to participate. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be posting all that is The Denver Bee right here, on Twitter, and over on the Facebook. Keep your calendars open for February 25, 2012 from 7-9pm. We are gonna take over the L2 Arts and Culture Center and spell up a storm that night. I know, I’m bubbling with jubilance. Holler!

2 years ago