The Denver Bee is going to be a HECK of a lot of fun, whether you’re in the audience or on the stage. If you have something to prove, however (be it to yourself or to someone else), you’re going to want a spot on stage. If that’s the case, I hope you can spell. I also hope you can follow directions. They aren’t short, so pay attention and follow them closely:

(Seriously, follow them closely. Read through them once before starting. We speak highly of your reading comprehension and ability to follow direction. Please don’t prove us wrong.)


  1. Go to the SpellingCity Tests page
  2. Choose “SAT Vocabulary” from the list of tests
    (This has been successfully tested in Firefox, IE, and iOS Safari)
  3. Complete the test
    (A high score will not improve your chances of selection. We’re trying to gauge how tough to make this, so BE HONEST!)
  4. Enter your name (blue box on the right) and click Print Report
  5. Save the result as “<your name> test results.pdf”
    If you’re on a phone or tablet, take a screen shot of it.


  1. Create an email
    SUBJECT: Contestant submission <spelling test score>
    (e.g. Contestant submission 80%)
  2. Attach the results of your spelling test (pdf or screenshot)
  3. Type a paragraph explaining why you NEED this. Tell us about your prior spelling bee experience (or lack thereof) and why it still torments your soul. Tell us how competing in this bee will finally bring closure to the pains of your childhood and allow you to achieve greater successes in adulthood.
  4. Add a paragraph with 2 or 3 sentences about your love of books and reading in general. Think of it as a testimonial for the joys of reading.
  5. OPTIONAL: Tell me (Terry) how you like the submission process. *grin*
  6. Hit SEND

That’s it! I know it’s long, but look, this isn’t a twitter contest where all you need to do is RT to enter to win. We’re talking sometimes decades-long grudges, redemption, and vengeance. Also, there aren’t a lot of slots open, so asking you to do a LITTLE work for the submission makes our lives easier. ;)